Meet Miss Tess
Miss Tess Teacher

​Miss Tess began her teaching career in 2010.  She graduated from Saint Mary’s College, located in the peaceful town of Moraga, California, with a BS in Environmental Sciences.  Having entered college with a strong passion for nature, Miss Tess eventually developed an even stronger passion for science and education.

While volunteering for a nonprofit group called Urban Farmers, Miss Tess cultivated organic vegetable gardens in urban areas for the community to share.  She would visit schools and other community events to talk about organic gardening and teach children about vegetables and gardening.  These experiences set her foundation and passion for teaching and working with children.  Miss Tess determined that her true calling was to teach others to love learning as much as she did.

Miss Tess is an incredibly patient and loving teacher.  We are very grateful that she chose to be a member of our staff.