About Us


Our goal at Learning Pathways is to help your child become a self-reliant, confident individual. Our students are taught to develop respect for others and themselves with a focus on social skills. We will help your child learn to move confidently through their world as they manage more complex tasks and become more responsible for their personal needs along the way.

Using the child's ideas, thoughts and imagination we develop a fun-filled curriculum including music and movement, science experiments, literacy and fine and gross motor activities. We want each and every child to have a meaningful preschool experience tailored to meet his/her learning style, abilities and predispositions.

We embrace the idea of "intentional teaching" in which we scaffold on the expressions and interests of our students, providing them with skills that will prepare them for kindergarten and the years beyond.


Novelist Marcel Proust stated, "We don't receive wisdom or knowledge, we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us." Although children may resemble each other in their patterns of development, every young boy or girl perceives and discovers the world through their own experiences, interests and learning styles.

Every child is truly unique, therefore it is essential to begin with the child, using his/her cues as a guide to direct how we teach. Children construct their own knowledge of the world as they transform their ideas and engagements into logical and intuitive sequences of thought. Through intentional teaching we will scaffold on the expressions and interests of our students to provide them with skills that will prepare them for kindergarten and later accomplishments in life.

Our commitment towards nurturing the development of children, and our hope that we can always view the world through the eyes of a child, directs our passion as early childhood educators.