Many educators ask the question “Is your child ready for school?” Here at Learning Pathways, we ask if our institution is ready for your child.

Through daily observations and interactions, our Kindergarten teachers commit to the individual potential of each child. We begin with our students’ current skills in all core subject areas and build new knowledge with meaning and purpose for each child.

Included in Our

  • Math, with a focus on bridging the concrete to the abstract in relation to number concepts.
  • Literacy, which includes phonics, vocabulary, reading, spelling, and printing.
  • Science, with a focus on Life Science, Earth & Space and Physical Science.
  • Social Studies and Geography, with a focus on our community and the world around us.
  • Art/Music/Fine Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Citizenship/Moral Principles
  • Critical Thinking & STEAM Education.

At Learning Pathways, we align our kindergarten curriculum to meet Common Core State Standards. Within our program, we plan intellectually appropriate learning opportunities for all of our students to meet and most often exceed state and district standards in literacy, mathematics, social studies, science, arts, and physical/social development.

Math - Our students will count to 100 by 1s, 5s and 10s, write numbers 1-30 and compare 2 numbers. By mid-year, our students are adding and subtracting, solving word problems, understanding ones and tens, counting and writing numbers 1-120, and developing an understanding of whole number relationships.

Math Curriculum - Saxon Math and Eureka Math. Both are hands-on curriculum that help students connect to the real world through manipulatives and games. These programs build students’ knowledge logically and thoroughly to help them reach a deeper understanding of basic mathematical principles. Saxon and Eureka Math are widely used throughout the state of California and in our local school districts and meet Common Core State Standards.

Language Arts - Our kindergartners will read all 26 letters including both short and long vowel sounds. They will be able to answer questions about details in texts. They will also be able to read 3-letter words and sight words. By mid-school year our students will recognize print features of a sentence and correctly construct sentences and stories. They will be able to identify the main idea and the supporting details of a story.

Language Arts curriculum - Journey’s Curriculum provides a system for reading and acquiring the necessary skills for listening and writing. Modern Curriculum Press helps students become fluent readers while providing activities to help students develop spelling and recognize words in texts.

Critical Thinking / STEAM – We are proud to offer our students enrichment courses in Critical Thinking and STEAM. We feel STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Liberal Arts, and Mathematics) education helps promote critical thinking and creativity. Project-based learning and team building are important for nurturing the whole child. Being able to come up with a method to solve problems will build confidence and self-esteem, and teach students how to collaborate and thrive as a team.

Small Student/Teacher Ratio - Our kindergarten breaks up into 4 small focus groups each day. This provides personalized instruction and allows teachers to work closely with each student. This also provides the opportunity to evaluate learning strengths and tailor lessons to the objectives and goals of each group.

At the end of each day, we have a "Homework Club" for those children that may need an extra bit of one-on-one.


Miss Michelle started with Learning Pathways in 2014. During the past decade of her teaching career, Miss Michelle has had the experience of working in both regular and special education settings. She has worked with diverse youth of various ethnicities and learning abilities whose ages have ranged from infant to 17 years old.


Miss Shak has worked with children as young as infants and as old as high school seniors. As a young girl, she volunteered at her mother’s daycare, becoming a preschool teacher’s aide at the age of 18. For several years, Miss Shak taught at youth summer camps which cemented her love for children and the great outdoors.


Miss Kim has been a teacher since 2015. We are extremely fortunate that she chose to work with us at Learning Pathways.