Month at a glance

Month at a glance


We learned so much about frosty weather during the month of January. Our first 100 days proved to be quite successful. We are very impressed with our student’s accomplishments. Several of our children are reading with fluency and many are blending vowels and consonants to make new sounds and words. Our classroom community has become secure as our children develop strong bonds with their classmates and teachers.

Artist of the month
Jackson Pollock, Composer
Brahms, Letters of the Month
Dd, Jj Qq, Ee, Review all letters
sounds, blends, words.
Themes- Reptiles/Amphibians,
Valentine's Day, Introduction to
Nursery Rhymes

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Normal weekly schedule

February 1 - February 28 – Priority Enrollment
February 19 - President’s Day – School Closed