Withdrawal Policies

Withdrawing Your Child from Learning Pathways

If you wish to withdraw your child from Learning Pathways, we require that you give a minimum one-month notice. A “Notice of Withdrawal” form must be completed, signed and submitted to officially withdraw. We do not permit a “Temporary Withdrawal” from Learning Pathways, except for June-July (see below). If you need to withdraw your child from the school, but would like to return during the same school year, you must complete, sign, and submit, at least 30 days prior, a “Notice of Withdrawal” form and check the line at the bottom that says “…you would like to return this school year.” Your spot will then be offered to another child from our wait list, and your child will be placed near the top of our wait list. When you are ready to return, please notify us in writing, and your child will receive the next available spot for his/her age group.

Summer Withdrawal

You may withdraw your child for June-July and not lose your child’s spot for the beginning of the next school year in August. Because Learning Pathways is a year-round school, we will consider your child enrolled through the end of July, unless you complete, sign, and submit the proper withdrawal form. If you do NOT wish to have your child enrolled during the months of June and July, but you plan on returning in August, you may withdraw and still be guaranteed that a spot will be reserved for the beginning of the next school year. If you choose this option, your child’s spot will be given to an “early start” student from our wait list for the duration of the summer months. A “Summer Withdrawal” form must be completed, signed, and submitted at least 30 days before you wish to withdraw. Note: For those parents who wish to keep their child enrolled for the first 3 days of June, your child may attend at our minimum daily rate of $130 per day for the full-day with extended care program, or $120 per day for full-day programs, or $75 per half-day. This daily option is available only from June 1 until June 3, and not available at any other time of the year. If your child attends after the third calendar day of June, you will be expected to pay for the entire month of June.