Tuition Policies / Program Changes

Tuition is due on the first day of each month. Tuition may be paid by check, cash, credit card, electronic transfer, or through our preferred method of payment, “Tuition Express”. Information regarding “Tuition Express” is provided to all our clients. For students starting mid-month, tuition is due on the first day of attendance.
Learning Pathways is considered a year-round school. We will consider your child enrolled through the end of July unless the proper Withdrawal form is submitted at least 30 days prior to your child’s last day.

Annual Fees

For the 2023-2024 school year, there will be an annual curriculum fee of $400 and an annual PFC (Pathways to Fitness and Coordination) fee of $275.
These fees will be reflected on your first statement. For students starting November 1 or after, these fees will be pro-rated.

Sibling Discount

Siblings of currently enrolled students will receive a 5% discount off tuition.

Late Payments / NSF Payments

A $100.00 late fee will be added to your account if tuition fees are not paid by the 10th of the month. If the 10th of the month lies on a weekend or holiday, tuition must be paid no later than the next business day. If tuition has still not been paid by the 15th of the month, your account will be frozen, and your child will be withdrawn from Learning Pathways, unless previous arrangements in writing have been made with Mr. Todd. If a check is returned due to insufficient funds, a $30 fee will be applied to your account.


Tuition payments are non-refundable except in cases when enrollment is terminated by Learning Pathways. In cases of enrollment termination, clients will receive a prorated refund for previously paid tuition and fees. There are no tuition refunds for mid-month withdrawals. If you withdraw your child mid-month, you are expected to pay the tuition for the entire month.
Tuition will not be refunded if Learning Pathways is forced to close due to any reason beyond our control.

Remote Learning

If we are required to close for reasons beyond our control, “Remote Learning” will begin as soon as possible. You will be provided with weekly classroom supplies and curriculum, along with passwords to access live remote classroom sessions and recorded educational videos. Your monthly tuition will be reduced by 30% for the duration. Learning Pathways’ withdrawal and refund policies remain unchanged during remote learning.

Proration of Tuition/Fees

We do not pro-rate tuition or extra fees for partial months except in the case of a new student enrolling after the school year starts, or in cases of enrollment termination. For mid-month starts, your child’s first month’s tuition will be adjusted according to their start date. August is the only month in which tuition is automatically prorated. If you withdraw your child mid-month, you are expected to pay the tuition for the entire month.

Early Drop-off and/or Late Pick-up

If you need to bring your child in earlier than your contracted hours, or are going to be picking up your child later than your contracted hours, please call the school as soon as you are aware that this will occur. An early arrival or late pick-up fee of $2.00 per minute will be applied to your statement.

Hourly and Daily Rates

If given at least 24 hours’ notice, your child may attend over your contracted hours at the rate of $25 per hour, or $18 per half hour. For those enrolled in a 3 or 4 day per week program, you can elect to be charged our minimum daily rate if you require an extra day. In these cases, our minimum daily rates are as follows: $130 per day for the Full-Day with Extended Care program. $120 per day for Full-Day. $75 per half-day.

Program changes

If you wish to change your child’s program status, we request at least a one (1) week notice. Please fill out the correct request form and place it in our “Completed Forms” basket. You are allowed up to two (2) program changes per school year (through the end of July). Each program change must be in effect for a minimum of one month.