Meet Mr. Andrew
Mr. Andrew Teacher
Mr. Andrew is one of the most passionate and exuberant teachers in our school. He was a valued preschool teacher for over 3 years before coming to us. Prior to preschool teaching, Mr. Andrew worked as an administrative assistant and Physical Education teacher at Emerson Elementary School in Palo Alto.

We were extremely fortunate to have found a quality teacher like Mr. Andrew.

The following is an actual letter from Mr. Andrew's former employer:

"I believe that teachers are born, not made, and Mr. Andrew definitely fits into the "born" category. He has a wonderful energy and spirit with children and they adore and respect him. Mr. Andrew always has a smile on his face, and is kind and professional with everyone, regardless of whom and what he may encounter. I am truly grateful for the positive energy that he brought to our school. Mr. Andrew is a "star" employee and a wonderful role model to all of us."
Mr. Andrew has a BA in Communication from the University of Denver as well as numerous ECE units. He and his wife are the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy.