Meet Miss Allyson
Miss Allyson Teacher

​Miss Allyson is an extremely enthusiastic and caring preschool teacher.  She began her career in Simi Valley in 2008 as a teacher’s assistant.  Through the years, Miss Allyson developed her talents while working in a variety of schools, introducing herself to many different teaching methods.

After moving back to San Jose in 2011, Miss Allyson became a preschool teacher for the toddler age group.  She loves teaching and observing the children as they grow, learn, and reach milestones in their lives.  Knowing that she plays an intricate role in their current and future development is very rewarding to her.

Miss Allyson loves to travel, going on long hikes, and spending quality time with her family.  One of her favorite quotes, and one she tries to live by, is from the late author Jim Greenman,” Every child deserves a childhood, a time of magic and wonder, of safety and security, in which to discover what life has to offer.”