Meet Miss Noemi
Miss Noemi Teacher

​Miss Noemi knew she wanted to work with young children after becoming a student volunteer at Global Glimpse during her Junior year in High School.  She spent a summer volunteering in impoverished areas around Nicaragua.  While there, Miss Noemi helped paint school murals, provided books, writing utensils, and arts supplies to schools.  She was sent to "working sights" where she was expected to bring the school to the children, ages 4 and up.  These young children could not go to school because of their need to work and help support their families.  

When Miss Noemi returned to the United States, she knew that she needed to make a difference, somehow, some way.  After she discovered her true calling, she continued volunteering at orphanages in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Miss Noemi attended San Francisco State University in pursuit of her Early Childhood education.  She has worked with infants to kindergarten age children.  The love and incredible compassion Miss Noemi shows toward all the children of the world make her an ideal preschool teacher.  We consider ourselves very fortunate that Miss Noemi decided to join us at Learning Pathways,

Miss Noemi is married and is an adoring mother to a beautiful baby boy.