Meet Miss Alyssa
Miss Alyssa Teacher

​Miss Alyssa is an inspirational and passionate early childhood educator.  Her fun “get down in the dirt” approach toward teaching makes her an ideal instructor here at Learning Pathways.  
Prior to her becoming a kindergarten teacher, Miss Alyssa worked in several different fields.  Upon graduating High School, she became a valued intern with U.S. .  Miss Alyssa then trained as a Veterinarian Technician with Tri-City Veterinary Hospital.  The time she spent with these companies affected her greatly, transforming an already kind and loving young woman into the empathetic and nurturing kindergarten teacher we have working with us today.
Miss Alyssa has been trained in the concept of “Intentional Teaching”, as well as the developmental continuum known as DRDP.  She earned her AA in Early Childhood Education while attending Mission College in Santa Clara.
Miss Alyssa truly believes that “it takes a village to raise a child”, and she is honored to be a part of that village, not just in her role as an exceptional preschool teacher, but also as an adoring mother to her amazing, energetic little boy.